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Lush Lashes, available at your Fresh makeover

Lashes are back girls!

Exaggerated lashes are one of the big makeup trends for this coming season, so for that reason false lashes are now available to purchase as part of your Makeover by Fresh for just £10.

Wearing false eyelashes isn’t just something for your wedding day or for Halloween! – In fact, using them is so easy when you know how – you can even wear them everyday! Now don’t panic – fake lashes don’t have to look, well, fake!  No longer are they stiff or awkward; false eyelashes look so natural with the use of today’s technology and knowledge of the beauty world that they can look naturally stunning to enhance your beautiful eyes.


It’s important that you know how to wear false lashes and look after them so why not give them a go through our professionally trained make-up artists? You’ll also be given handy tips on how to get it right the first time to create fuller, natural looking lashes.

If you’re looking to revamp your look, a pair of falsies can do the trick! Please come with a fresh clean face girls and we will let loose our creative makeup artists on your lashes!


Lashes are available for £10 (cash only) to be paid directly to your make up artist.

Francesca x

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