National Kiss and Make Up Day

Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s National Kiss and Make Up Day and we want to celebrate it again this year! It seems we inspired many couples to kiss, make up, and even come along for a photo shoot. Everyone left having a fantastic day filled with laughter and of course lots of love!

We all have fights with our better half now and again. Whether it’s concerning a little white lie, leaving the toilet seat up or taking too long to decide on that perfect outfit.

Today we must forget all the pet peeves, little tiffs and annoying habits that we’re all guilty of! So appreciate your nearest and dearest and let all the little problems disappear. Why not treat yourselves for a day in our studio? Come in and show us why you love each other and we’ll capture that perfect moment in a beautiful image. This way, every time you have a dispute your photograph and the memory that accompanies it will remind you of all the things you love about one other.


Life’s too short to hold grudges. So in the true spirit of the day, end the frosty silences and the awkward encounters and give that special someone a big hug or kiss! Now all that’s left to do is vow to never take loved ones for granted, appreciate the good in everyone and to FULLY embrace the spirit of the day share this love around.

Fresh want to share the love by offering a FREE couples photo shoot worth £75 with an additional free 5×7 print and a voucher for £50 off any order when spending £150 or more!! To get this exclusive offer call and book by Monday 1st September.



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