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Transformations – what retouching really looks like


Recently on Facebook all we’ve been seeing is viral videos about ‘shocking retouching techniques’ the industry uses to enhance the shape of women’s bodies. We love campaigns like Dove’s Real Beauty, and their mission statement is fantastic; aiming to improve the self-esteem of more than 15 million girls and women by 2015.


We’re also advocates of body confidence – helping girls feel confident about their bodies, embracing what they have got. Let’s all join the cause!


We believe that our makeover sessions can transform women’s confidence, and retouching plays a part in this transformation. Jodie, one of our favourite Fresh photographers has a clear understanding of the makeover process. She says,


‘Retouching is the same as not leaving the house without makeup! Why do you put lipstick on? Because you want to show off your lips. There is a difference between plastic and perfected, our retouching aims to show off the best version of you, not change you to look like someone else.’ – Jodie


So I suppose we should show you some examples? Even a simple crop can change the impact of a photo. We never let our work go to print before it has been retouched, and here you can see why. Once you have seen your finished image you definitely won’t want to go back to the original shot.


Here is Francesca’s photo…

1. Francesca’s original shot
2. The crop tidies up the background and brings the focus into her eyes
3. The finished image, notice the edge of her hair and slightly brighter eyes.
Her cheek has also been gently softened to suit the lighting.


Our production manager, Roxanne says,

‘Retouching gets rid of things like spots which aren’t usually there and isn’t part of the natural you. Usually our retouching is more of a tidy-up; we remove things like makeup smudges and clothing mishaps.’ – Roxanne


Here’s a boudoir example. Roxanne’s retouching just tidied up a few blemishes, shadows and an annoying piece of hair. The colour balance has also been altered.


So girls, whatever your size or shape, or if a spot or coldsore appears dramatically just before your shoot, have confidence in being you! Our photographers are trained to pose you to suit your body shape, and our retouchers are happy to take a few notes from you, if you have a tattoo regret or recent scar, let us know – your photos will last a lifetime, but spots and blemishes will be gone in a week or two.


Confidence is sexy! I’m comfortable with my body and not afraid to show it off.’ – Sofia Vergara

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